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1991 HDJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser Restored

1991 HDJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser Restored by

Let’s take a look at this Land Cruiser.  It came to us from Florida, the man wanted a complete makeover on the exterior and the interior and a new sound system. it has those highly sought after retro Japanese wheels and is a nice, good all-around Cruiser. 

It’s a 1991 HDJ80 turbo diesel.  It came with the factory 1HDT 4.2 engine which produced about 162 horsepower, 3300 RPM, 276 foot pounds of torque at 1400 RPM.  It also has the rare five-speed manual transmission. 

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We had a lot of fun with this one. The guy kind of pulled out the wallet and said, “Let’s do it up right.” From the factory it came with the centerpiece on the rear bumper that was actually aluminum. He wanted us to spruce it up a bit, not make it look as factory as it came. So we did it with a rhino line bed in between as you can see. In between the bumper we rhinoed it. 

There’s all kinds of products similar to that. Same thing with the running boards on this, it really turned out nice and it is a turbo diesel. 

All new leather interior, new carpet padding and has the sun roof. 

Well, we’ll go around to the other side and pull the hood release. Take a look at the power plants, stock engine. All new belts and hoses and a tune up.  It’s 276 foot pounds of torque, about 1400 RPM, 162 horsepower, which is not a lot, but you’ve got a lot of low end torque to get up and go if you need it. We loved this combination.

Installed a back up camera. You should hear this engine; it just purrs. Look at that low kilometers; 59,210 kilometers, it’s been barely broke in. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed it. Until next time, take care. Keep your fingers out of your mouth.

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