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1984 FJ60 Toyota Land Cruiser Cummins R2.8

1984 FJ60 Toyota land cruiser Cummins R2.8

Welcome back to Land Cruiser Restorations. This is a beauty. It’s a 1984 FJ60 done in our own color green. They made the FJ60 from 1981 to 1987 and then for the following three years they made the FJ62 version. The biggest difference in the two – the FJ60 was carbureted, manual windows, the FJ62 was fuel-injected, power windows, power lock, push-button, four-wheel drive. A lot of folks prefer the FJ60 simply because of the retro look of the single round headlights. So what you’re looking at here is one that belongs to a gentleman in Columbia, South America. 

This is his dream vehicle. He had it custom built for a trip that he’s going to take from here probably to South America. He’s going to drive the whole distance across the Panama Canal and on down. It’s got LED headlights. The front bumper is made by us Land Cruiser Restorations. It comes with LED build-in lights. Those are rigid industry, a warrant 8,000 pound worn rope wench. We’ve installed this one. Cummins is 2.8 turbo diesel.

I’ll show you that in a minute. Those are European style retro exterior mirrors. These rock sliders are ones that we make in house. They tie directly to the frame. They do function as rock sliders. They are not just for looks. Really nice stock rims, chrome. Again, hard to find. This here is our own roof rack design. Full mesh bottom; really haul quite a bit on it. Nice and sturdy, heavy built.

These are rigid industry round spotlights. The two in the center are the Amber fog. Going around to the tail end and that also is bumper that we make; the rear bumper. This one has rear lockers.

It’s going to have a bunch of extras that he bought.

It’s got inverters, got a custom sound system with Bluetooth navigation, backup camera, our own custom made door panels, flip-out screen, cruiser crap center console, which I think I showed that in the last video.

But the neat thing about the cruiser crap center console is it has spots to install switches for any exterior lighting that you might want. It does have a hidden tray in the back. They can only be accessed by lifting the lid.

Again, it’s got the Cummins R2.8 turbo. It has an automatic six-speed GM transmission. Here comes the DVD player. Full-screen Bluetooth navigation, back up [engine roars], back-up camera. Purrs like a kitten.

They say that this will probably get somewhere around 34 to 40 miles per gallon. Certainly beats the stocks because on a good day, you’ve got about nine miles per gallon going downhill with the wind in your back.

A Beautiful Cruiser.

They are extremely proud. I think the new owner is going to be pleasantly pleased. Until we meet again, thank you.

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