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Will There Be A 2023 Land Cruiser In USA?

Will There Be A 2023 Land Cruiser In USA?

Toyota has not officially confirmed whether the Land Cruiser will be available in the United States for the 2023 model year. Toyota announced that the Land Cruiser would be discontinued in the United States after the 2021 model year due to declining sales and changing market preferences.

Toyota continues to produce and sell the Land Cruiser in other markets around the world, where it remains a popular choice for its ruggedness, reliability, and off-road capability.

Toyota may introduce a successor to the Land Cruiser in the United States or offer a different model that appeals to similar buyers. Toyota may focus on promoting other SUV models in its lineup, such as the Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro, as alternatives to the Land Cruiser.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on Toyota’s lineup and availability in the United States for the 2023 model year, I recommend contacting your local Toyota dealership or visiting the official Toyota website closer to the vehicle’s release date. They will have the latest information on available models, trim levels, and options.

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