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Why Is The Toyota FJ Called FJ?

Why Is The Toyota FJ Called FJ?

The “FJ” in Toyota FJ Cruiser stands for “F” and “J,” which respectively refer to the vehicle’s series and engine type…

  1. The “F” series designation refers to the type of engine used in the FJ Cruiser. It refers to the F-series engine, a series of inline-six engines produced by Toyota.
  2. The “J” designation typically denotes a type of vehicle in Toyota’s lineup. In the case of the FJ Cruiser, it represents a vehicle designed for off-road use, carrying on the tradition of the iconic Toyota Land Cruiser.

So, the name “FJ” signifies that the vehicle is equipped with an F-series engine and belongs to Toyota’s lineup of rugged, off-road-capable vehicles. This naming convention is consistent with Toyota’s heritage, as the Land Cruiser series has long been associated with durability, reliability, and off-road prowess.

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