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Why Did Toyota Discontinue Land Cruiser?

Why Did Toyota Discontinue Land Cruiser?

Toyota discontinued the Land Cruiser in certain markets, including North America, primarily due to changing consumer preferences, evolving regulatory requirements, and market trends.

Several factors contributed to this decision…

  1. Declining Sales – In recent years, the demand for large, body-on-frame SUVs like the Land Cruiser has decreased in some markets, particularly in North America. Consumers have shown a preference for smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles, crossover SUVs, and electric vehicles.
  2. Emission Regulations – Stricter emissions standards and fuel efficiency requirements have necessitated updates and modifications to the Land Cruiser’s powertrain and technology. Adapting the Land Cruiser to meet these regulations while maintaining its ruggedness and off-road capability may have posed challenges.
  3. High Cost – The Land Cruiser’s premium positioning and high price point made it less competitive in markets where consumers prioritize value and affordability. Competing SUVs with similar capabilities at lower price points may have influenced purchasing decisions.
  4. Focus on SUV Lineup – Toyota may have chosen to allocate resources and focus on other models in its SUV lineup that have stronger sales and market demand, such as the Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Highlander, and Toyota RAV4.
  5. Global Market Differences – While the Land Cruiser was discontinued in some markets, it continues to be sold in other regions where it remains popular and well-suited to local preferences and conditions.

It’s worth noting that while Toyota discontinued the Land Cruiser in certain markets, it continues to produce and sell the Land Cruiser in other regions worldwide, where it remains a highly regarded and sought-after vehicle known for its durability, off-road capability, and luxury features.

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