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Which FJ Cruiser Year Is Best?

Which FJ Cruiser Year Is Best?

Determining the “best” year for the Toyota FJ Cruiser can depend on individual preferences, priorities, and intended use.

Several model years are often considered noteworthy for various reasons…

  1. 2007 – This was the inaugural year for the FJ Cruiser, making it significant for enthusiasts who appreciate the vehicle’s original design and features. It introduced the iconic styling cues, off-road capability, and ruggedness that have become synonymous with the FJ Cruiser.
  2. 2010 – In 2010, Toyota introduced several updates and enhancements to the FJ Cruiser, including the addition of active front headrests, enhanced safety features, and available trail-tuned Bilstein shock absorbers for improved off-road performance.
  3. 2014 – The 2014 model year saw the introduction of the Trail Teams Ultimate Edition, a limited-production variant with special exterior and interior styling, off-road enhancements, and unique features. It was praised for its exclusivity and collectability.
  4. 2013-2014 – These model years are often sought after for their availability of the TRD (Toyota Racing Development) package, which included upgrades such as off-road suspension components, upgraded wheels, and additional off-road features.
  5. 2014-2015 – Towards the end of its production run, the FJ Cruiser received additional standard features and trim updates, making the later model years desirable for buyers seeking modern amenities and convenience features.

The “best” year for the Toyota FJ Cruiser can vary depending on factors such as individual preferences for styling, features, performance, and budget constraints. Research and test drive multiple model years to determine which one best suits your needs and preferences. Considering factors such as maintenance history, mileage, and overall condition can also influence the decision-making process.

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