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What Was The Last Year The Land Cruiser Has A Straight Axle?

What Was The Last Year The Land Cruiser Has A Straight Axle?

The last model year in which the Toyota Land Cruiser was equipped with a solid front axle, also known as a straight axle or live axle, in the United States was the 2007 Land Cruiser 100 Series. Starting with the Land Cruiser 200 Series, which was introduced in the United States for the 2008 model year, Toyota switched to an independent front suspension (IFS) design, which replaced the solid front axle.

The move to an independent front suspension in the Land Cruiser 200 Series was done to improve on-road comfort and handling while still retaining the vehicle’s legendary off-road capability. The Land Cruiser 200 Series continued to be a robust and capable SUV, despite the change in front suspension design.

The Land Cruiser 70 Series, which includes various models like the Land Cruiser 76, 78, and 79, has continued to feature a solid front axle in certain markets, and it remains popular for its off-road capabilities. These models are not typically available in the United States.

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