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What Motor Is In A 1991 Land Cruiser?

What Motor Is In A 1991 Land Cruiser?

In 1991, the Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series, also known as the FJ80, was offered with various engine options depending on the market. One of the most common engines found in the Land Cruiser FJ80 during that time was the 4.0-liter 3F-E inline-six petrol engine. This engine was known for its reliability, durability, and smooth operation.

Diesel engine options were also available in certain markets, such as the 4.2-liter 1HZ inline-six diesel engine or the 4.2-liter 1HD-T turbocharged inline-six diesel engine. These diesel engines offered excellent torque and fuel efficiency, making them popular choices for off-road enthusiasts and individuals seeking rugged, dependable vehicles.

The specific engine options available may vary depending on the region, market specifications, and trim level of the Land Cruiser FJ80.

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