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What Is The Fuel Consumption Of The 80 Series Land Cruiser?

What Is The Fuel Consumption Of The 80 Series Land Cruiser?

The fuel consumption or fuel economy of a Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series can vary depending on several factors, including the engine type, transmission, driving conditions, and driving habits. Generally, Land Cruiser 80 Series models are not known for their high fuel efficiency due to their size, weight, and off-road capabilities.

Here are approximate fuel economy figures for Land Cruiser 80 Series models with different engines…

  1. 4.2-liter Inline-Six Diesel (1HZ) – This diesel engine typically achieves around 14 to 17 miles per gallon (MPG) in combined city and highway driving.
  2. 4.0-liter Inline-Six Gasoline (3F-E) – Gasoline-powered Land Cruiser 80 Series models with this engine may achieve approximately 11 to 13 MPG in combined driving.
  3. 4.5-liter Inline-Six Gasoline (1FZ-FE) – Models equipped with the 4.5-liter gasoline engine typically achieve around 12 to 15 MPG in combined driving.

These are rough estimates, and actual fuel economy can vary based on driving conditions, terrain, load, and individual driving habits. Land Cruiser owners often prioritize other factors, such as off-road capability, durability, and reliability, over fuel efficiency.

If fuel efficiency is a significant concern, it’s worth considering alternative vehicle options with smaller engines and more fuel-efficient designs, as Land Cruisers are primarily designed for their off-road and towing capabilities rather than fuel savings.

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