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What Is The Best Year FJ Cruiser To Buy?

What Is The Best Year FJ Cruiser To Buy?

Determining the “best” year for a Toyota FJ Cruiser to buy can depend on various factors, including personal preferences, budget, and specific needs.

Some model years are often considered noteworthy for certain reasons…

  1. 2007 – The inaugural year of the FJ Cruiser, which introduced the model to the market. It’s the only year to feature the “Special Edition” trim package, which includes unique exterior colors and interior accents.
  2. 2010 – This year brought several updates, including the addition of active headrests for improved safety and an available Off-Road Package with features like Bilstein shock absorbers and a locking rear differential.
  3. 2011: – Toyota made a few minor updates, including revised interior trim and the availability of the Trail Teams Special Edition package, which offered off-road enhancements and unique styling elements.
  4. 2014: – The final year of production for the FJ Cruiser in North America. Some may prefer this model year due to its relative freshness and potentially lower mileage compared to earlier models on the used market.

The “best” year for a Toyota FJ Cruiser depends on your priorities. Some buyers may prioritize specific features or updates, while others may focus on factors like mileage, condition, or budget. Thoroughly research and test drive multiple model years to determine which one best suits your needs and preferences. Have any used vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic to ensure its condition meets your expectations.

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