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What Engine Is In A FJ40 Land Cruiser?

What Engine Is In A FJ40 Land Cruiser?

The Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser typically comes equipped with one of several inline-six-cylinder engines, depending on the model year and market.

Some of the most common engines found in the FJ40 include…

  1. F-Series Engines – F135: A 3.8-liter (3,878 cc) inline-six engine. F145: A 3.9-liter (3,878 cc) inline-six engine. F155: A 4.2-liter (4,230 cc) inline-six engine.

These engines were renowned for their durability, torque, and suitability for off-road use. They were often paired with a manual transmission, although automatic transmissions were also available in some markets and model years. Depending on the region, diesel engine options may have been offered, such as the B-Series diesel engines.

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