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How Big Is The Fuel Tank On A 80 Series Toyota?

How Big Is The Fuel Tank On A 80 Series?

The size of the fuel tank on a Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series can vary depending on the specific model variant, trim level, and market region. As a general guideline, the fuel tank capacity for the Land Cruiser 80 Series typically ranges from approximately 24 to 32 gallons (around 91 to 121 liters).

The actual capacity may vary by model year, market specifications, and whether the vehicle has a single fuel tank or, in some cases, a dual fuel tank setup. Dual fuel tank configurations were available in some variants of the Land Cruiser 80 Series, providing additional fuel capacity for extended off-road journeys.

To find the exact fuel tank capacity for a specific Land Cruiser 80 Series model, it’s recommended to consult the vehicle’s owner’s manual or check the manufacturer’s specifications for that particular variant, taking into account any regional variations in tank size.

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