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How Big Is A Land Cruiser V8 Fuel Tank?

How Big Is A Land Cruiser V8 Fuel Tank?

The fuel tank capacity of a Land Cruiser with a V8 engine can vary depending on the specific model and market region.

As a general guideline…

  1. For newer Land Cruiser models equipped with a V8 engine, such as the Land Cruiser 200 series, the fuel tank capacity typically ranges from around 24.6 to 25.4 gallons (approximately 93 to 96 liters).
  2. Older Land Cruiser models with V8 engines may have slightly different fuel tank capacities based on their specifications and configurations.

Consult the specific model’s documentation or refer to the vehicle’s specifications provided by the manufacturer to confirm the exact fuel tank capacity for a Land Cruiser with a V8 engine.

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