Independent Restoration Specialists

How can you get your Land Cruiser to have more horsepower, better fuel economy, and keep up with modern-day traffic?

That’s easy, convert it to a Chevy V8 paired with the 6L80E (6-speed transmission). We incorporate the factory transfer case during the conversion, change the leaf spring to new OME which will raise the cruiser approximately 2.5 inches plus OME shocks and steering stabilizer. The upgraded springs will have greaseable shackles which increase the longevity. Some other items swapped/changed/replaced are:
  • New custom-made Champion 3 core radiator
  • Both driveshafts are custom cut and balanced
  • Convert the a/c to R134a
  • New battery
  • New exhaust and headers
  • New Spal dual electric fans
  • Custom engine wiring harness
  • New low-profile oil pan
  • New cold air engine intake manifold
  • New O2 sensors