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State – California

California Land Cruiser Restorations & Sales

California Land Cruiser Restorations & Sales

Are you living in California and looking for a restoration or repair for your Land Cruiser? Thinking about buying a new or restored Land Cruiser? Call us at 316-992-5986 and talk directly to someone. 

No answering machines, no automated systems or sales tricks; just honest senior level tech advice and quotes from fellow Land Cruiser lovers.

Note: Our Land Cruiser Restoration workshop is located centrally in Belle Plaine, Kansas. Since we repair, remake and sell Land Cruisers to people all over the USA, Kansas makes a good centerpoint for delivery and towing to all 50 states.

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The Best Toyota FJ60 Land Cruiser Sales & Restoration Company

Need a rebuild, repair or restoration? Looking to buy an FJ60 Cruiser?

We receive, repair and deliver Land Cruisers to any town in California as one of our highest trafficked states. We have available any or all of the following…

Restored Back to Original Condition

We work on FJ40, FJ60, FJ62, FJ70 & FJ80 land cruisers, for all kinds of repairs and restorations, including..

  • Full Body Repair
  • Paint Restoration
  • V8 Conversions
  • Aftermarket Upgrades
  • Left Hand Drive
  • Turbo Diesel

Whether it’s simply restoring body/paint on your cruiser or a full restoration and added engine swap, We Build to Suit you!

Cities We Deliver Cruisers To In California

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Burbank
  • San Diego
  • San Jose
If your city is not listed California cities above, please call 316-992-5986 and we will discuss delivery and transport with you.

What Makes The Land Cruiser So Popular?

It’s an amazing high class ride, even the older versions. Land cruisers are safe, reliable and hold their value for a long time. They provide convenience, comfort, safety and have great power and torque.

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