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80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

j80 toyota land cruiser restoration
j80 toyota land cruiser restoration

J80 Toyota Land Cruiser Restoration Project Crew

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J80 Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser 80 series was unveiled in October 1989 at the Tokyo Motor Show and launched in early 1990. It had swing-out back doors, which were replaced by a tailgate and hatch in 1994. The Land Cruiser was nicknamed the Burbuja (Bubble) in Colombia and Venezuela due to its roundness. 

The J80 was initially offered in two versions in these countries: the fully loaded VX and an entry-level model that included a vinyl interior with optional air conditioning. In 1996, the entry model was upgraded to a medium equipped model named Autana, including cloth upholstery, standard air conditioning, and power driver seat. The name is a reference to the Tepui mesa Autana, a spectacular plateau, and a cave system along the Guiana Shield craton. Land Cruiser sales reached 2 million vehicles. 

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