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Our mission is to the preservation of these legendary classic collectors. Available restoration sales & services for your FJ62 & FJ60 Toyota Land Cruiser

For Sale 1982For Sale 1982 FJ60 Land Cruiser Restorations Services Toyota FJ60 V8 3.5 Vortec

1982 FJ60 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 for sale. This Cruiser was purchased from Palm Springs California where it had been in dry storage for several years. It came to us rust-free and well preserved, and we have recently completed a full restoration. A partial list of the work performed includes: body work to remove dents and imperfections; completely sealed and primer painted with a finish color of velvet green; two stage paint base coat. For more information or to contact us please follow the link here.    View Photos!    Contact Us!



For Sale 1987 Toyota FJ60 Velvet GreenFor Sale 1987 FJ60 Land Cruiser Restorations Services

For sale1987 FJ60 land cruiser from the Dry Midwest “Arizona” rust free and only 201k. Painted the poplar Dark Velvet Green, this FJ60 has a stock 4.2 liter 6 cylinder engine. We also added our custom front and rear bumpers, rock sliders, and low profile roof-rack.  For more information or to contact us please follow the link here.    View Photos!  Contact Us!



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