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About Land Cruiser Restorations!

Land Cruiser Restorations is located in the Wichita, KS area where we have been restoring the legendary Land Cruiser for many years. Our team is well versed on all series Land Cruisers, including the FJ40 , FJ45 , FJ55 , FJ60 , FJ62 , FJ70 , FJ80 , as well as all deviations. Through the years we have worked to perfect the process of converting these classics to a more modern v8 power plant . Our professional team of well trained experts can convert your cruiser to a Chevy 5.3 , 5.7, or 6.0 fuel injected engine while replacing the stock transmission to the Chevy 4L60E or 6L80E transmission. You can choose from our constantly changing inventory of trail ready, daily drivers, or fully restored cruisers. We also restore customer supplied cruisers based on their individual needs and specifications. Our team strongly believes in doing quality work and using the correct replacement parts to achieve the perfection for which we strive.

Our mission is the preservation of these legendary classic collectors. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss how we can restore a Land Cruiser that meets both your budget as well as your expectations.

Happy Trailing … 

The Land Cruiser Restoration Team


For well over a quarter of a century the Toyota Land Cruiser has been the benchmark by which all other 4WD vehicles have been judged when it comes to durability and reliability. It combines tough go-anywhere 4WD capability with station wagon comfort and convenience. It’s a versatile utility vehicle that delivers the everyday usefulness of a family car.

Functional Design
The Land Cruiser is one of the few 4WD vehicles that features 4 doors for convenient passenger loading. A split-back rear seat offers the ultimate in passenger/cargo versatility. While the wide rear hatch makes loading and unloading easy.

6-Clyinder engine
The 4.2 liter 6-cylinder engine has proven it’s durability by years of use in some of the  most demanding environments in the world. It produces125 horsepower and an impressive 200 foot pounds of torque for unmatched low-speed pulling power.

Comfortable interior
The low-back reclining front bucket seats are upholstered in cloth for added comfort and the interior is fully carpeted. Standard features include power steering, tilt steering wheel, side window demisters, and tinted glass. Options include front and rear heaters, electric rear window defogger, and an AM/FM/MPX receiver,

Complete off-road equipment
The land cruiser is completely equipped for off-road use. Skid plates protect the transfer case and the large 23.8 gallon fuel tank. HR78x15 steel belted radial tires provide exceptional traction in all terrain and on all types of surfaces. A forged front tow hook is also standard.

Two-speed transfer case
The 4WD transfer case features two speeds. The high range is used for most applications, but when additional low-speed torque multiplication is needed a special low range is available.

Manual locking hubs
In everyday driving the front hubs free-wheel and 2WD is used to promote optimum fuel economy. When 4WD is required the front hubs are engaged manually for maximum traction.


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